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The longer you stay with us, the more amazing deals you can discover. Our curators regularly update Wix. Along with regular sales, awesome products at incredible prices can be identified when you use Wix. Remember to check out the new ones that CouponOkay has to offer on Wix. Great deals are waiting for you. Click now and leave no regret. Don't forget to use your Wix. How To Use Coupon Codes. We've put in great efforts to make it easy for you to get great savings. All you need is to follow the process below: First, pick up your favorite items and add to your shopping cart.

Make sure they meet the requirements of Wix. Second, copy and paste the Wix. Normally, there is a little box on the page for you to enter the promo code. Third, double check your code, if the code is applied, you will see a deducted price on the final sum. Enjoy your shopping experience with Wix.

Smart customers would never pay full price and miss out on the opportunity to save big. Time for you to apply Wix. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and to collect and analyse information on site performance and usage. By continuing to use our site, you accept our cookie and privacy policy. Related Coupons for "Wix.

CouponOkay is offering you coupon codes, discounts and coupons all together with 63 latest promo codes and 83 hot deals. Check out the latest coupon: If I get an e-commerce site to enable me to sell online — how does the payment system work with Wix? The new plan will come into effect immediately meaning your next payment, be it monthly or annually, will be charged at the new price. Great summery of website builders! Hi Liz, thank you for getting in touch. Are you trying to create a members-only page?

If so, Wix has a useful article here — https: Hi Jeremy, my website is to rent my apartment out in Phuket. Is eCommerce the best option for me? I need my customers to be able to check availability and then make a booking and payment. Can wix eCommerce do these tasks? Will the plan I already paid for with Domain on a 12 month plan be deducted? We have been using shopify for our ecommerce store but have found that a lot of our profit is going towards paying fees.

Are there any transaction fees associated with wix? Or is it simply the annual fee mentioned in the article? Your articles have been so helpful and I love all of the content and tips you provide. Right now my website already has the store attached. It looks like I can start adding items and selling already. You may be able to list products on a lower plan, but to accept payments you will need to upgrade.

I currently bought a domain through another company WebAura. Thank you for your comment. In short yes, you should be able to transfer your domain over to Wix. Wix make this really simple but just be mindful that this only applies to certain extensions such as. Jeremy — I think Wix is a good solution and I have signed up for their unlimited plan and secured a domain. However to me the email pricing seems pricey. If I want to have an email MikeC …and another like info …it starts adding up pretty quickly.

Is there a more cost effective way to use the registered domain and to emails? Hi Mike, Thanks for the question, great to hear that Wix has worked out for you. Is there an app for drop shipping or is there a way to manually import images from a drop shipper since I am starting my business out small with limited items to sell? I do know this is something that has been requested , so we may see it in the future. If dropshipping is the cornerstone to your business, it may be worth considering Shopify, which is much more geared up to support a dropshipping business than Wix is.

We also have a guide to starting a dropshipping ecommerce business , so that may give you further food for thought. Hello I bought a Wix premium plan thinking I would be able to sell from my website. Now that I realize i did not purchase an ecommerce plan, what about the money I already spent for the premium plan…do I now need to purchase ecommerce in addition to what i have already paid for do they figure out the further purchase while considering or factoring in that i have already paid ie.

I would never have bought just the basic premium plan if had not realized i could not sell with it. Wix will even knock the remaining credit on your current plan off the cost of your higher level premium plan. How do they compare is terms of domain name hosting and costs for first year and beyond? If you purchase a G Suite account through Wix, you will be able to access your inbox directly through Google or through your site. For eCommerce plan, what is the charges and fees for payments and gateways? Does WIX charge any commission? However, you will need to pay a percentage per transaction to your payment gateway provider, who each charge their own rate.

You should also bear in mind that payment transaction fees are a fee that has to be paid to the payment processor for processing the payment collecting the money and transferring over to the merchant. All merchants have to pay this fee, even in grocery stores. It might be worth having a read of our in-depth Wix eCommerce review too. Hi, If I will only do affiliate marketing like Amazon products do I need an ecommerce site? A regular site with links is all you need well apart from good on-site SEO and self-promotion that is!

But, based on what I read in a comment here, it looks like I would have to pay for the eCommerce plan. Unfortunately to sell anything on Wix you will need an ecommerce plan as that is how their model works. You could look into the Wix App Market to see about adding a blog functionality onto the Wix eCommerce platform and that should give you the best of both worlds. If you go to other platforms, they usually charge transaction fees unless you subscribe to their higher plans. I own three domains, and my current web host routes emails to those domains to my Comcast ISP email address.

I want to get rid of the old web host. Can my three domains all be routed to me through Wix? You can host up to 6 sites through a Wix account, but you will need to upgrade each one individually for each domain name you want to use. For example, you can create and host your three sites on Wix, but would need to upgrade three times so each one onto its own separate premium plan in order to use your domain names.

On the email front, Wix has partnered up with Google to offer Gmail for businesses so you can create custom email addresses with your Wix websites too. I am just in the creating aspect of my website…. You will definitely need a Wix ecommerce plan if you plan on selling goods — physical or digital. Regarding your model of moving from free downloads to paid downloads, it would be worth looking through the Wix App Market to see if any third party apps offer this functionality because — as far as I know — Wix ecommerce is unable to handle such dynamic pricing by itself.

At some point in the future, I would like to add the eCommerce function to sell a number of one-of-a-kind books. Absolutely you can upgrade to sell products in the future. From there you can choose a plan to suit. Like tarot readings or a craft or book. Still, I wanted to make a few bucks in part, to afford the yearly cost of the site , and thought that I would be able to do that. But, based on what I read in a comment here, it looks like I would have to pay for the eCommerce plan which I cannot afford. Great job on the website.

You put some pep in my step. I am ready to start my first website. I am also looking at them to change over my school from Shopify. I need to know about their reporting capabilities for products and customers. We end up creating customer product reports many time per week that include the customers name and email. Thank you so much for such an informative website! I am building a site for a friend. He has a domain name with Namesilo already, and mail addressed to the domain name is supposed to be forwarded to his personal email account. Can he still do this with Wix?

Also, the website is for a service industry business i. If so, can he still accept payments using the Unlimited Plan or would he have to have eCommerce for that? Thank you for your time. You can still build a website using Wix and retain the existing email address elsewhere. So the email account and the Wix account can be completely separate. Your friend will need the eCommerce plan if he wants to use the online store tools.

Many thanks and keep up the great work! It all depends if you want to charge people a fee for your services! Hi Jeremy, thanks for this great work. I have a quick question though. I have used Wix unlimited plan to build a website earlier on and now wanted to add a store to the website.

I saw they have various apps on their store for adding ecommerce feature to my already built website. Is that the same as using their ecommerce package if I just add a ecommerce app to the unlimited plan or I have to buy a ecommerce plan separately for that.

Wix Pricing Plans Breakdown

And what would be the convenience associated with each part of the equation? The time and dedication you put into this was outstanding and greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Thank you so much for your help.

Wix ShoutOut - Email Marketing Has Never Been This Easy

I never thought Wix is such a pleasant thing. The important thing is to test out the platforms you are interested in. Getting some hands on experiences is the only way to be able to make an informed decision! Thank you so, SOOO much. For ecommerce is the payment gateway facility included and does it work for countries like India. One of them is PayPal and so it will work in India.

Thanks for your help — appreciate your time! Yes, Wix can help you with that. Wonder if you can put me on the track here. Maybe redirect to a fillable pdf for example. I would prefer to only to pay for the ecommerce component if i use it in its entirety. Thank you in advance. One thing you can consider trying is to have your shoppers contact you and send you a list of what they want you can use the contact box to do this. Then you can reply to them via email with your shipping quotes. Hello Jeremy, I have a nonprofit organization.

I am interested in setting up a WIX account. I will want to have a working DONATE button attached to the website, but I need to know which pricing plan to go with in order to do this. Hi Jeremy Love your articles on website building. I am a landscape designer in Toronto Canada looking for a website builder that would best help me sell my designs and architectural photography on the same site. I have a domain name from a Canadian web host.

Simple to the point and easy for a non techy like myself. One thing you want to consider is whether you are selling physical items or digital items. I love your articles and emails. So glad I found you. Your info is very helpful. I am looking at a Wix site but I do have a question about the apps. Also in your above article you added the Shoutout app to the VIP plan.

Is the email campaign only available in the VIP plan? I believe free apps are also available for Wix users who are using the free plan. So free really means free! Many thanks for providing such useful information! I appreciate your clear, crisp writing style and the screen grabs embedded in the article make it very easy to follow. Keep up the great work! The WIX site does not give any indication, even on their Pricing page, and to raise an enquiry ticket with them requires me to create an account.

An easy way to check is to log into your Wix website and try adding the app and also try the protect page function. In order to get an online store with Wix you need to subscribe to either the ecommerce plan or VIP plan. Anything lower than these pricing plans will not give you access to an online store.

Meet the team behind the expert reviews! Last updated on February 7, What do you get for your money? Best All-Around Website Builder. Try Wix For Free. Choose Your Wix Plan. The connect domain plan gives you: You get 2GB in bandwidth and 3GB of storage space under this plan. So what else does the Combo plan offer?

Customizing the Promo Code Link on Your Wix Stores Cart Page | Help Center |

Sign Up to Wix Combo Now. Some other factors to think about are: Unlimited bandwidth — great for businesses and entrepreneurs since your goal is to increase your website visitors. Multimedia — you can upload up to one hour of video content on your website, which is a great way of showcasing projects and engaging visitors with your site. So what are those extra features you get with the Wix VIP plan?

Here are the two key things: This is definitely helpful if you are a business and want to build a stronger brand and following. Send up to 50, emails a month — if you need to promote events or deals, send updates, newsletters or run marketing campaigns, this is a valuable feature! Priority response — hate waiting in queues? Get the VIP treatment and jump to the front with priority response. If you submit a question on the Wix Answers page, your query is pushed to the front to give you a quicker response time.

VIP support — get exclusive phone support to get any problems or queries sorted as quickly as possible. This kind of service can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you hire an outside professional to do this for you. It could be an extremely valuable resource that makes a big difference to your website. This gives you lots of features and room for expansion. Everything included on the lower business plans such as unlimited bandwidth, Google Analytics, premium apps, and email campaigns 50GB storage 30 video hours Priority response VIP support This Wix premium plan has the most storage of all seven plans at an impressive 50GB.

Choose Your Wix Plan Now. See Wix Price Plans. Beyond paying the monthly subscription fee, there are other costs that you should take into consideration, including: For instance, our website domain name is www. Click to see Wix's domain name offerings. Want to find out more? We have a complete domain names guide that will dig into this. If you do decide to get your domain name from Wix, here is their page that will give you more information.

So what do you get if you decide to use G Suites? Click to see Wix's email service offerings. Connect your domain, MB storage, and 1GB bandwidth. Get a free domain for one year on the annual plan, more storage, bandwidth, and remove Wix ads. Best for personal use.

Wix Pricing Review: Which Premium Plan is Right for You?

More storage and unlimited bandwidth. Sell online, get unlimited bandwidth and premium support, priority service, and one-time site review. Business Basic plan formerly eCommerce plan: Sell online, no commission, get premium apps to support your online store, 20GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and no Wix ads. The cheapest plan for selling online.

Sell online, no commission, 35GB storage, and 20 email campaigns a month. Best for growing your online store. Sell online, no commission, 50GB storage, and priority support. The most expensive ecommerce plan. Sign Up to Wix Today. How much is Wix eCommerce? How much does Wix cost? What is the best Wix premium plan? Can I pay my Wix subscription monthly?

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Does Wix have any hidden costs? Does Wix have a free trial? About Jeremy Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website. D January 17, at Lucy Carney January 18, at 7: Charlie Carmichael January 3, at 8: Hi Elieen, Thanks for your comment. Andrew December 19, at 6: Lucy Carney January 4, at 8: Hi Andrew, Thanks for your comment! I hope that helps and best of luck! Eileen Gray December 7, at 1: Does the free Wix plan include hosting too or would I need the Connect Domain plan for that?

Charlie Carmichael November 23, at 8: Hi Nici, Thanks for your comment. Roger Ramirez November 2, at 6: Which plan would handle this?

Wix Prices: How Much Does Wix Cost Monthly and Yearly?

This is my first blog. Lucy Carney November 23, at 9: Hi Roger, That sounds like a great idea, what a brilliant way to keep your friends and family updated with your travels! Ethan September 28, at 3: Charlie Carmichael October 19, at 7: Ray Proetto September 22, at 3: Charlie Carmichael September 26, at 7: Mike July 23, at 3: Fred Isaac July 25, at 2: Liz July 16, at Thanks in advance for any advice!

Fred Isaac July 18, at 8: Warren Christoforou July 1, at 4: Olivia June 18, at 5: Fred Isaac June 27, at 3: Ellana April 6, at 7: Is it possible to list and sell things on the free trial or smaller plans? Fred Isaac April 12, at 2: