Is EE a good mobile network?

If you've just come to the end of your contract and are perfectly happy with your current mobile, then grabbing a free SIM from EE is undoubtedly cheaper than starting a fresh contract with a brand new phone. But EE's SIM only offers are just a little bit too dear to make them worth combining with a pricey handset purchase. You absolutely can and, in most instances, it's actually really easy.

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Then you need to give that to EE, and they will keep you rolling with your familiar old digits. These are the numbers to call if you're currently on one of the other major networks:.


It's a little bit less straightforward if you're already on EE, but have spotted a new EE SIM only deal from a third party company that really appeals. Once your number has transferred to the substitute network, call them for a second PAC.

Why do EE keep offering 100GB Free SIMs?

Then you can give this to EE and continue using that same telephone number. Pop a friend's SIM card into your phone. If you immediately get on their network, then you're in luck - your phone is unlocked and you can go ahead and buy your new SIM card. Three ships all its handsets unlocked from the outset, but the other networks require at least some effort, and usually some cash, from you see below.

And Apple iPhones are generally locked completely to the network they were originally sold with. So again be prepared to pay to unlock it to EE.

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There are three sizes of SIM card that you can get for your phone, and different phones use different sizes. No modern smartphones take the classic standard SIM 15x25mm anymore. Your phone will almost definitely take either a micro 12x15mm or nano 8. But there's no need to get your knickers in a twist about this one.

The networks and third party sellers will let you choose which SIM you need or will simply send out a triple SIM, so you'll get one of each size. Alternatively, they'll send you an adapter so you can use the incorrect SIM size in your phone. EE doesn't offer 1-month SIM only contracts directly, but retailers such as Carphone Warehouse have now started to offer these short term contracts.

See Billing Capping for more details. View EE Flex plans. This includes a free 3-month pass to BT Sports to stream on your smartphone or tablet, and inclusive minutes and texts when abroad in Europe.

EE Mobile 4G SIM 3GB Essential Plan

The Add-On is available for three consecutive months. The three months starts as soon as we receive your request for the Add-On or from the date you join or upgrade your price plan.

EE SIM Only Deals

The offer is non-transferable. Some in-app functionality is restricted on Windows BT Sport is for your personal, non-commercial use in the UK. Content available via the app may change from time to time. Check your coverage at ee. H2 Jul — Dec Tested at locations across the UK with the best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types, conducting over 25K randomly sampled test cycles.

Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. UK for more details. EE pay monthly customers with compatible phone only check compatibility at ee.

EE Mobile 4G SIM 20GB Essential Plan

EE accepts no responsibility for the quality, availability or coverage of WiFi networks and calls made or received over them. All calls or texts charged as per your EE price plan, see ee. Speed and service will vary depending on the service available in the country you visit. You must be normally resident in the UK.

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Gift to other pay monthly plans on the same account in increments of MB. Fair use policy applies when gifting large amounts of data 3 months in a row. Data not used in a month does not roll over, allowances are set back to zero at the start of each month. Data can only be used in accordance with the plan terms applicable to the receiving line.

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Registration requires a valid email address and password. Other terms apply, see ee. My EE App connects to the internet whenever you use it.