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This will get my viewers to know more about your products which will influence them into buying your products. After the review I will return the product.

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I would love to promote some products on my instergram and also YouTube how could I get started? Any emails we receive using this template or asking for undeserved free things automatically get junked. Stop wasting your and our time. Thank you so much for the advice! I have been a beauty guru for years.

However it was always for fun. I am new to the professional world of beauty. I am most curious about free samples and sponsorships. This will be most helpful. Hello my name is Kerri I've recently been watching make-up tutorials on Facebook. Im just getting into make-up and would like to know if you have any suggestions with your products? I will soon be going live on Facebook and the make-ups that I will try out on my face I will also promote on Facebook only Bc the products that I use on my face I want to definitely let other woman know about them.

Thanks so much for sharing! I am a new beauty blogger looking to get more products to review. It can be expensive to buy enough to keep content on the blog and Instagram etc. I would love to do this but I find it very hard can you please help me I'm highly interested it is very hard for me to get makeup easy and this would be great. I would like to samples products to see if it has a positive or adverse reaction to my skin. This article is really helpful for the makeup artist beginners!

I learned many useful things from it e. This does not work. Hit rate will be non-existent, most companies defer or ignore. You want free or sample product? Go to a counter in a retail location and don't waste your time here. I'm also starting a YouTube channel! Hello i like free sample product. Please send me a sample anything you give i accept thanks I tried this and as denied by every company. I will say that I did receive extremely polite responses. I have actually tried this myself starting in March.

I sincerely was doing this for a "try before you buy" with a true intent to purchase something good. I have found some great hair product for myself and my husband has also found some great things. Its been a great experience. I like the cologne idea. I thought most would just direct me to the Macy's fragrance counter, but I will be trying those this week and see what kind of response I get!

Thanks for your article! Hello I love make up products but i need help to get more because I can't always buy new products. I can't afford a lot of products. I would love ur help. Thank you. This came in very handy. I've been thinking for days how to write a email to companies, but had no luck in coming up with a good letter. I want to start my beauty channel soon so having some items sent to me would be very appreciated so I can have a start.

I hope I have luck!! Thank you again for these tips. Sometimes it's nice just to receive something for free. You can be sure that I will take your tips to heart. I'm actually starting up a blog where I want to review skincare and beauty products! This is very VERY helpful in all the ways and thank you so much for writing this. I've been doing dodgy surveys asking for my details to get free stuff.

So again, thank youo for this! But when you talk about 'samples', do you also include that full products are sent? For example I want to contact Anastasia Beverly Hills to send me lipsticks to try. What should I say? This is very useful but I am still unsure about how to write to the company after all I think I'm underage for cosmetics as I'm pretty sure most company would only accept age 18 years old or older but currently I'm still way too young so I will keep this in mind if future events allow me to do so.

Overall it is a wonderful website that I found useful: Thank you for the complete guidance about how to step forward with such companies, if blogging or wanting their samples. Thank you for such an interesting read and guide on how to! So many people try and keep this sorta thing quiet but you gave so many helpful tips and I'm thankful for it!

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Thank you for your comment! You can use the phrases above and tell the company about how you want to promote their products to your convention. Also, check out www. The main issue is to say the size of your convention, ie: I am needing information to write companies to get samples for my sorority yearly convention. I need at least 1, samples. I want companies that these women may not have uses before. I like trying new products also. A lot of women are "natural" and we need products that are great for our hear. Thanks for reading this message. Hope to hear from you soon. I thought I thought I read that you wrote to about 15 companies???

Are these the only samples you received??? REN and DermOrganic??? I was hoping to see a stockpile of things that had been sent and a list of some more companies to write too!!! Anyway, great article and advice, I am in the beauty industry and this is a great way to sample products to add to my arsenal for clients!!! Thank you much for the info Susan!!!

This sounds so fun! Thank you for sharing your experience and giving us a templet! I am going to try it out for sure! Very excited to have ran across this thread across ND now on my way to email a few companies. Thank you so so much for your time in trying to help others across nods myself. I love your format. But what company I should send a letter to? I want to try Maybelline, if that's possible.

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Here is a step by step overview of what to do: Make a list of the companies you're interested in. Find their addresses email or postal on the company website. Send it and wait for the mail to come! Special tips for receiving PR packages are included below.

It's easy to write to companies for free products. This guide will teach you how to write the email or letter and which companies to contact. Decide Who to Contact Whether you want the samples only for personal use, to try in your work as a makeup artist, or to review on your beauty blog, the first step to decide which companies you want to contact.

Some companies I recommend writing to are: Carmex - Known to send samples in the U. Burts Bees - May send samples in the U. DermOrganic - Sends lots of samples. REN - Sends samples. Juara - Sends samples sometimes. Many of the brands featured in the photos here send samples! Find the Address Once you have an idea of the companies you would like to contact, it is time to search for the addresses.

What to Write in a Letter The most important part of this process is to write an excellent letter. Introduction Say that you are writing to tell them what a great range of products they have. Give many compliments about their company, from how their products always work wonders on your skin to how their products deliver each time. If their cleanser or eye shadow is your favorite, now is your chance to tell them what you think.

They really do value our the consumers opinions. Personal experience Include an experience that you had with their cosmetics. It could be how glossy your hair is after using their shampoo or how their skin cream cleared up the dry skin on your hand. This adds more credibility and personality to the letter. Ask for samples Do not ask bluntly. This it does not work. Mention that your hairdresser recommended their shampoo range or that you want to "try before you buy" and see which one works best on you.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to mention this. Your address Don't forget this! Gratitude Say thank you for taking the time to read your letter and that you would be so grateful if they send you samples. Say that you are looking forward to their response. Yours faithfully, Your name. Requesting Free Makeup From Stores Your favorite cosmetics store may also be a source of free samples.

Manufacturing samples and even full-sized cosmetics is relatively cheap for the company, so they can easily afford to send samples to those that ask. You may want to try out the latest product of theirs, but ask for a sample to "try before you buy. This is what the company is banking on. Cosmetic companies generally include samples of their latest products when you order online and purchase some items.

These samples are stocked and ready to be shipped if someone writes asking to try out a couple of their products. Companies send PR packages to artists and bloggers when there is a new season launch. They want people to know about new products. They may also be holding a blogging event for artists and bloggers who review products.

This is a key way for companies to promote their goods. What to Write if You Want a PR Package If you are a beauty blogger, makeup reviewer, or makeup artist looking for free samples, you will get better results from companies if you convince them that you're likely to send more business their way. Here are some tips to getting a free PR package in the mail: Establish your credibility by including the URL of your site, business, or YouTube channel, if you have one. Ask or find out whether the company is launching a new line of products. They will be more likely to send samples if they are trying to spread the word about new items.

Ask about any blogger events the company is holding or participating in. Makeup bloggers and artists usually receive free samples at these events. Ask them about what they require for "credits. Some companies are particular about where they are credited. This question will boost your credibility and may get you more samples. If you have done makeup at an event, contact the makeup manufacturer and include event images. Ask them whether you can thank them for providing the makeup another way of asking them to send you more!

Phrases to Include If you are feeling a little stuck on what to write, here are some phrases you can use. I am such a fan of your company! It is nice to know that your products will always deliver every time.

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It's my savior! Thanks to this amazing product, my skin glows so radiantly! I like the way that your company combines natural botanicals with science to create a truly powerful yet organic and natural product. Personal experience: My friends and family always say how soft my hair is when I use your shampoo!

My skin is usually dull and dry, but after using your cleanser it regains its youthful self! Without it, I could not survive! Asking for Samples: My hairdresser recently recommended that I should try out your shampoo range because it works most effectively with my hair type. I would love to try some of the hair products in your range before I buy. I would love to sample some of your other products.

Send it Off! What to Expect You will likely have to wait for a couple of days for a response via email and another two weeks for your samples to be posted. Would you like to write to a cosmetic company, right now? Yes, I am thinking of who to write to already! Yes, but not now. I am might try over the coming days. I'm a little skeptical. Not a chance! This is an utter waste of time. See results. Results List Company. I appreciate any comments or questions!

Thank you for reading! Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.


Could you still get free beauty samples even if you have a beauty page on Instagram? Helpful Can I receive the makeup samples if I'm not a beauty blogger? How do I get famous enough to be able to ask the makeup companies for free samples? Will companies send PR packages to countries outside of America? What should the subject line for free makeup samples read when I have my email ready to send?

Can I get free makeup samples from a company based in another country? Helpful 9. Helpful 7. How do you get a hold of these types of emails? Helpful 6. Thank you for taking time to read my comment. Hello dear Susa I like your post i found very helpfull, and thank you for sharing this expirience with us your friends, followers. I hope youll see my comment here. I will wait your answer With respect Dorothy. Love expermenting and Free? That is like gold. Hi would love to try your products to see how it works out.

Can you tell me another Companies which also send skin care products? Let me know how you get on, and thanks again! I have attached a link below with a video I have done on Youtube: Apply for a Metrobank M Free Mastercard and get perpetually waived annual fees for principal and supplementary cards. No spend requirement; no need to request for waiver. After fulfilling his drone duties, he prowls the streets of Manila looking for the best after-office joints. Most of the time, finding the best deals and freebies requires you to walk the extra m Please be advised that eCompareMo does not collect fees from customers for loan or credit card applications.

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