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But the buttons on the back took no time to get used to and I actually like it better than on the sides. Phone is fast, responsive and does everything I need it to do. I have an Iphone 6plus and am unhappy with Apple's take on how to do a phone.

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I can't access the battery which has a planned end of life cycle, and on the contrary, my LG G3 has a user replaceable battery and besides it's 32gb internal memory, I've added a gb memory card which neither can be done with an apple phone. They make good products, take one step forward and two to three backwards.

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Android phones are way easier to buy and their operating system just works. My apple mail crashes almost everyday but gmail never crashes and I should stick to why I purchased my LG G3, I had the LG G2 which I gave to my wife who swore she would never use anything but her standard, non smart flip phone, now I could not pry it from her hands unless she was dead and her hands were cold.

My LG G3 made apple stop using their famous slogan, "retina display" which means nothing but implies that the display has something to do with eyesight, but LG pixel density climbs to pixels per inch and the famous retina display can be just over pixels per inch, no contest, hooray, apple retina display is dead, long live LG for killing retina.

LG has arguably a better camera and bettere software and certainly is a far better value on every level. I could have gotten the LG G4 or G5 or v10 but the G2 and G3 offer best battery life, I could go on and on, but it's late and I am just being silly , but check it out for yourself. I don't own an apple watch because I am not an idiot, I am not an Apple fan boy , Although all my computers are apple, I am tempted to go straight linux which is what apple is based on.

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Great phone. I have only had LG phones and really like them. This phone was fast, had huge storage, and the battery last a long time for a smartphone. It was easy to use and learn. I had to get another LG phone because I use pre-paid carriers and my carrier was getting knocked off the towers by the owner of the tower. Had to switch pre-paid carriers and got a very similar LG phone, but doesn't have the storage or memory.

Lg G3 D855 Phone Coupons & Deals

This is the best phone I have ever had. Some hand pick deals: Dell is a leading manufacturer and retailer of personal and business computers, monitors, servers, and peripherals. Dell's key to success is simple - develop practical, affordable computers that get the job done without hurting your wallet, and back them up with award-winning technical support.

The Dell site is divided into two sections. Dell Home is catered towards the end-user. The computer systems here offer maximum performance or maximum value depending on what you are looking for in a stylish and sleek package.

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Dell Small Business is catered more towards small business and corporate buyers. These system offer maximum reliability, security, and support.

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Models include the mainstream Vostro and Optiplex, the premium Latitude, and the strictly workstation-oriented Precision and PowerEdge servers. Both sections also carry a wide range of Dell peripherals, including monitors. Dell monitors are one of the best selling monitors in the world, and the "UltraSharp" models in particular have long been the gold standard for high-quality professional-grade panels. Dell regularly offers coupon codes or instant discounts for most of their laptops and desktops to the point where you should never be paying "regular price".

Often these codes and discounts can be stacked, creating some really incredible deals that rival pricing on even DIY-built computers. These coupons expire and are replaced every days and often pop up randomly from various sources such as the email newsletter, the homepage, ad banners on random sites, print brochures, mailers, and more. Buy more, save more. Discover deep discount on amazing electronics when you shop Dell Home. No promo code needed! Find the best prices at Dell Home! No Dell coupon code required.

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