What is a contract phone?

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What does pay monthly mean?

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Please change the filters. Go to compare Go to Compare. Network OutOfService. Add to basket. Upgrade Eligibility - Remove session. Your active upgrade eligibility session will be removed. What is a Pay Monthly or Contract Phone deal? What are the advantages of a Pay Monthly contract? How does a Pay Monthly contract work? You can choose either a 12, 18 or month contract. Line rental to your chosen network. A set amount of minutes, texts and internet data. Some deals require a one-off charge for your phone upfront.

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What are the mobile network options? What proof of identity do I need to get a Pay Monthly contract? The billing address for your card and your Pay Monthly contract must be the same. In some stores, it might be possible to pay with a different card to the one used as proof of identity. Ask your store for details. To take out a contract, you have to 18 years or older. Do I need to be from the UK to sign up to a monthly contract? Buy online or call us. Monday - Friday: Why buy from Carphone Warehouse?

Three one of the only operators to do full unlimited plans , EE , O2 and Vodafone.

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Looking for a SIM for your tablet or dongle? Plenty of networks offer data-only SIM plans. Alternatively, if you just use your mobile broadband device occasionally, a cheap plan with a few gigabytes may be all you need. A SIM-only deal is a contract that includes minutes, texts and data - just like a regular mobile phone contract.

$5 per Month - Unlimited Talk & Text Mobile Phone - Deal or No Deal?

As a result, these plans are usually much cheaper. Still not sure if there's a SIM-only deal that's right for you? With a SIM-only deal, you choose the plan that best suits your needs - in terms of minutes, texts and data. The network sends you a new SIM card, which you then pop into your phone. This means you can either use it with your old phone, or you can buy a new phone and use it with that one.

Once you purchase a SIM deal from a network and it is activated, this means this SIM card is permanently locked to that network , though not to your phone. You can easily swap handsets but keep the same SIM card - containing all your personal information, such as contact numbers, photos and messages.

Network offers - You may find the best plan that fits your needs is only available through a particular network on a longer contract.

Our best contract phone deals

So you may need to compromise slightly on your call, text and data allowances. Initial outlay - While your SIM-only deal costs will be relatively low, if you do need a new handset, you'll need to fork out the full cost upfront. With most handsets, we're talking hundreds of pounds, though you can get some cheaper options.

Network exclusives - Some networks will reserve exclusive deals for specific phones. You may discover a phone you have your eye on is only available via a long mobile contract.

Best 30 day SIM-only deals

It depends what your priorities are when choosing a SIM deal. If you want greater flexibility, then there are some good day SIM deals available which mean you're not tied to a long contract. If cost is your biggest concern, you may find a month SIM-only deal is worth going for, as this reduces your monthly expense. Ultimately, it's all about balancing your call, text and data needs with what you're happy to pay for that plan - either per month and across the overall length of the contract. You can keep your mobile number, even if you switch networks.

It's actually a pretty straightforward process - here's how you do it:. Lesser-known networks, such as giffgaff or Smarty , can offer cheaper SIM-only plans because they don't operate expensive high street shops and customer service. So while you may feel more reassured by opting for a bigger and better-known network, such as EE or Vodafone , you shouldn't disregard the others. Ultimately all the smaller providers use a network which belongs to one of the 'big four' - that is O2 , Vodafone , EE and Three. Rest assured that all network providers listed on broadbandchoices are reputable and reliable.

As mobile phone technology has improved, the size of SIM cards has got smaller and smaller. Depending on the age of your phone, it will use one of these SIM sizes:. When you buy a SIM-only plan, your chosen network will supply you with a three-in-one SIM card that will work on any phone.

Thinking about switching networks, but not sure on the next step? Check out our handy guide on switching your mobile network and keeping your number, and we'll lead you through the surprisingly simple process.