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Is Strainwise prepping itself for a comeback? Stay tuned. The dispensary chain had three storefronts in Denver, all of them in desirable locations: And after the company's staff earned a strong review , it looked like iVita was on the up. Then, in early , it was announced that iVita had been gobbled up by one of the biggest dispensary chains in the state.

Black Rhino (marijuana review) – The Denver Post

Greenwerkz Technically, Greenwerkz isn't dead: Instead, it's been reborn. The brand and its three dispensaries in Denver, Edgewater and Glenwood Springs were already under the Green Dragon umbrella when the two merged a couple of years ago.

Since then, all of the Greenwerkz shops have gotten facelifts, and today Green Dragon is one of the state's and country's largest dispensary chains. The company was very vocal about its popular coupon-matching policy, and it had smart, aggressive marketing campaigns, such as its promotion pushing the Oskar Blues Pinner session IPA in More on Sweet Leaf below. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!

Tru Cannabis Unlike the other entrants on this list, Tru Cannabis still has one open dispensary — but it used to have much more than that. In , between Aurora and Denver, the brand had licenses for five stores.

Today, only its store by Mile High Stadium is still open there's also a Tru Cannabis location in Oregon ; most of the rest have been bought by Green Dragon. We're not including Sweet Leaf on this list, because its fate has not yet been determined in Denver District Court.

Once comprising eleven dispensaries with a twelfth on the way, Sweet Leaf's Denver locations were shut down by the Department of Excise and Licenses in December over disputed illegal cannabis sales; its other metro-area locations have since been suspended by the MED.

Ivita Wellness

While no Sweet Leaf stores are currently open, the company is fighting to reopen its Denver stores. Read more about Sweet Leaf's downfall here.

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R.I.P.: Five Dispensary Chains That Have Actually Disappeared

They had fairly standard, genetically correct looking Sour Diesel and Blue Dream , a Grape Krush that would wow the purps fans, and a sense of humor in Crawford a Cindy cross. It is, of course, a combo of Trainwreck and LA Confidential. With no piece handy, I opted instead for a pre-roll of Black Rhino, an indica-dominant strain that usually spikes my appetite like Misty May-Treanor. But which Black Rhino did I really walk away with?

A little digging shows a post on Instagram calling it a cross of Black Afghan and White Rhino, along with the tags ivitawellness and exclusivestrain.

About iVita Wellness - Franklin

None of that is there in the portion of the pre-roll I broke up. This Black Rhino smelled more like I walked into a grow room; I was catching nutrients and old trim , managing to coax the smallest waft of that rubber band smell when grinding it between my fingers. Still, the show must go on. Strain reviews: It was like a a dense forest, only with babies for crickets. There, the din was more familiar, but I was high enough to stare vacantly at a Rockies-Cubs game.

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In the cloudiest of judgment, I decided an espresso martini would A give me a boost of caffeine to stave off a headache, and B pair well with breaded chicken. Neither proved true. My stomach, however, saw the plate as its Manifest Destiny. At this point I had unknowingly checked out of conversation several times, and not the silence you attribute to a good meal. I was firmly entrenched in the munchies, the act of chewing more marking the passage of time than an attempt to sate myself.

Colorado recreational marijuana shops and medical dispensaries.

After 19 boneless buffalo wings, three loaded potato skins, and one pot sticker of which I peeled like a banana and slurped the turgid insides , my high had worn off and a different type of ennui had set in. Being post-stoned and overstuffed, I realized there was still another hour left.